Buy Tickets & Stream Online

High Dive is closed by the state “indefinitely” for on premises alcohol consumption (5 months and counting). In the meantime we are STREAMING LIVE directly from our stage with a series of benefit shows! These are multi-cam broadcasts with HD quality video and audio and live chat via There is no audience, only staff and artists who are socially distanced. Masks are worn at all times indoors except when artists are on stage.

Shows are ticketed with a “Pay What You Want” model. Viewers also have the option to donate to the venue in-show. For most shows you can choose to donate $45 or more and receive a “Gainesville Won’t Back Down” High Dive benefit shirt with shipping. ($30 value) along with your streaming ticket. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO RE-OPENING HIGH DIVE!

Check out our full slate of shows on the Events page or go directly to the ticketing / streaming site at